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Consulting Services

Broad Street Realty provides professional consulting services to all our clients as a way of ensuring that their companies stay on track and continue to be successful. Our consulting services include comprehensive research, CRE outsourcing, sustainability information, financial guidance, and detailed strategy meetings.


The role of research is critical in the site selection process. Broad Street Realty's extensive market knowledge exposes hidden opportunities and reduces your time to find the right real estate option.

Our research includes over 25 years of experience in local markets across the country, giving insight to both market activity and trends. We make sense of the data, so you have the power to make the best decision possible, maximizing your value.

Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Outsourcing

Broad Street Realty's ultimate goal is to reduce overhead expenses and increase return to clients on all portfolio management fees.

When evaluating your in-house real estate operations, consider the benefits of Broad Street Realty's outsourcing services. Our CRE services will reduce your overhead expenses related to real estate and have access to our professionals with expertise in a wide variety of areas.

Though you are delegating the day-to-day responsibilities of managing your real estate, Broad Street Realty is diligent in communicating and being sure that as the owner, you retain full control of the decision-making process. Effectively, Broad Street Realty becomes an extension over your company's resources and is here to serve your business, take some of the stressors off your plate, and make it easier for you on a day-to-day basis.

Corporate Real Estate Outsourcing Services include:

  • National Transaction / Project Management
  • Real Estate Administration
  • Facility / Property Management
  • Client Satisfaction Review

Green Building Issues/Sustainability

Rising energy and construction costs, greater competitive pressures, improved sustainability processes and increased accountability to shareholders and stake holders influence real estate decisions. Today, sustainable design, construction and operating processes offer lower operating costs and higher efficiencies, when properly executed.

Broad Street Realty offers information and resources to guide your decisions. Our team of experts will guide and provide additional insight and creative resolutions on reducing real estate and operational costs while improving overall productivity. Broad Street Realty is an active member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Multiple members of Broad Street Realty's professional team possess LEED Accreditation.

Financial and Strategic Consulting

Broad Street Realty identifies real estate strategies that advance your goals and allow you to convert assets into cash for business reinvestment.

Real estate decisions impact a range of issues, including shareholder and investor value. At Broad Street Realty, it is our goal to optimize the financial effects of real estate transactions while helping you achieve occupancy and finance solutions that save you money. This includes the use of synthetic leases, corporate sale / leasebacks and direct real estate debt.

Financial and Strategic Consulting Services include:

  • Financial Strategy
  • Capital Markets Transaction Structuring & Implementation
  • Business & Economic Incentives Negotiation
  • Ownership & Disposition Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Utility Consulting

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